Monday, August 13, 2012

Robot to Watch - NAO Robots

Let's give our attention to NAO Robot from Aldebaran-Robotics.

It is a programmable 57-cm tall humanoid robot with a body component of 25 degrees of freedom (DOF) whose elements are electric motors and actuators. If I remember it right, the Honda Asimo robot is using 34 degrees of freedom. This is a amazing!

NAO Robot also has sensor network, including 2 cameras, 4 microphones, sonar rangefinder, 2 IR emitters and receivers, 1 inertial board, 9 tactile sensors, and 8 pressure sensors. The CPU is Intel Atom 1.6ghz CPU that you normally see in Netbook computers, and to my surprised a second CPU located in the torso area of the robot. The full robot specifications are posted here.

I will try to enter to their developer program to share my knowledge and help them expand NAO capabilities in home or office use in the future. Wish me luck!

The price tag between EU$3.5K-15K, so I guess not for everyone.

Visit Aldebaran-Robotics to know more about NAO.

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