Thursday, January 28, 2016

Upgrading to Arlo Robotic Platform

I'm upgrading my Eddie Robot to Arlo Robotic Platform System, it will be the same look but upgraded platform so I can use robotic operating system (ros).

I have to get the following parts to bring my robot to Arlo Robotic Platform System

  • Propeller Activity Board (part#32901) $49.99
  • Two HB-25 Motor Controller (part#29144) $49.99/each. I need two set.
  • Arlo Power Distribution Board (part#28996) $99.99
  • Upgrade Encoded for my Motor Mount & Wheel Kit $25
I've requested for next day delivery so I can start my project soon.

I was inspired by Chris at to bring back my robot to life.

His project use robotic operating system to run his robot. He already completed some amazing robotic project. I will use them as my reference.

While waiting for the parts to arrive I will prepare my laptop and download the software (builds) to start my robot project.

Thank you.


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